Logitics CONSULTANCY planning

Logistics Consultancy Service

LE Logistics provides a comprehensive range of consultancy services designed to add value to your Logistics operation.

This range of logistics consultancy services will enable your business to grow and develop within these changing and fast moving times.

IT is always a factor in the projects we undertake and often includes specifying new systems or supporting the development of existing ones. We can also help Clients who have in-house developed systems to enhance them to meet the needs of modern businesses, specialising in WMS and Voice applications.

The list of consultancy services includes;

  • RFP selection and management
  • Development of functional specifications for new and existing systems
  • Analysis of business requirements for prospective customers
  • Development of solutions
  • Implementation Support
  • Supply chain consultancy
  • Operational Audit
  • Training
  • Program and Operational Assistance
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