Logistics Diagnostics for your business

If you are not sure whether you require business logistics advice simply read through the questions below:

  • Is your business having problems getting orders to customers in time?
  • Are all interdepartmental needs properly taken care of?
  • Do your operations, or your customers’ operations, rely on fast, accurate delivery of critical spare parts or services?
  • Does your company maintain a large investment in inventory, i.e. money that would be better spent elsewhere?
  • Do you have a large contingent of field technicians who must receive an accurate supply of parts to be productive?
  • Do you face large capital expenditure in order to modernise and expand your in-house logistics operations?
  • Do you experience an unacceptable level of customer frustration and returns due to incorrect order fulfilment?
  • Does your company require equally efficient reverse flow logistics service for repairs, returns or recycling?

If the answer of any of the above is “Yes”, or you feel that you need some professional advice, simply fill in the Evaluation Form and I will get back to you with a date and time for your free, no obligation logistics analysis.

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